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Beacons is a mobile app which allows mobile users to track each other on a map. It was designed with two goals in mind: privacy and simplicity.

Available for your Android on the Google Play store! Get it now!


No signup. No setup. Fully operational
right after starting the app.


It doesn't retrieve, use or exchange
any of your personal data.

How Does It Work?

Suppose you and your friends want to meet somewhere and keep track of everyone's location all the time. It's simple: share a Beacons session! Here are the three steps to do that:

1. CREATE: You initiate a Beacons session and get a 6-character session key from the server. Upon creating the session, you become visible on the map.

2. SHARE: Share the session key with your friends by phone, SMS or e-mail.

3. JOIN: Your friends join the session using the shared key and become visible on the map as well. All participants' positions will change in real time, as they move.

That's all, no fuss, no mess!

Tell Me More About Privacy...

Beacons respects your privacy by design:

  • it doesn't access your accounts, of any kind
  • it doesn't ask you about your private data
  • it never exchanges any personal data with the server

The session key is randomly generated for each new session. Each participant is assigned an id, which is also generated at random. Participants are visible to each other by their nickname, which can be either the default nickname (Anonymous) or whatever they choose. If someone deliberately decides to use his real name as a nickname that's a personal choice.

Only the session key, the participant ids, the nicknames and the geo coordinates are exchanged with the server. Savvy users are welcome to check it using a network monitor.

Once all participants leave the session, it is automatically deleted. Sessions inactive for more than an hour are also deleted.

Will it drain my battery?

It can drain the battery. Beacons has location polling at its heart, which used to be a heavy battery drainer. Hopefully, things have changed a bit lately and battery usage can be optimized.

The app makes use of Google's latest technology to get the location, being able to work without having GPS enabled in areas with good network/WiFi coverage. For this scenario the battery consumption will be rather low. Moreover, location polling is disabled when standing still, to further lower the consumption.

In case your device is configured to use exclusively GPS for location, the battery consumption is high.

Will it affect my data plan?

Yes, Beacons needs an internet connection to communicate with the server and, unless it is used over a WiFi connection, it will affect your data plan. However, the amount of data transferred by Beacons should be rather small.